November 29, 2010

the lefty bleating goes on and on

The lefties are still bleating about how the police stopped them from rioting when they really really wanted to. Oh dear the little dears got bottled up my the police and poor Jocasta hasn’t been so cold since daddy’s driver broke down on the way back from the gymkhana.

Demonstration one: there was no kettle, so the students rioted smashing up a building and attempted to murder police officers and their fellow rioters.

Demonstration two: there was a kettle, and there was no riot or serious injuries.

The police have a set of procedures for dealing with potentially violent crowds. They initially didn’t think that the student protests where going to be violent so they didn’t use them; they where wrong. On the next protest they learned from the first and changed tactics. If the protestors did not want to be treated like they where violent then they should not have been violent, simples.


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